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Day Sheer

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Maternity Hosiery


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Ultra Sheer

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What's better about Berkshire than the competition? The simple answer is everything! Berkshire Hosiery is simply the finest made, best fitting, sexiest looking hosiery on the market.

Berkshire Hosiery is manufactured in the USA using the finest materials from all over the world. Berkshire employees are dedicated to making the highest quality products and many of our processes are still done by hand, not by machine like the competition.

ULTRA SHEERS: If you prefer a bare look, ultra sheers will provide the lightest coverage.

SHIMMER SHEERS: Shimmer sheers provide light coverage with a special glistening effect !

DAY SHEERS: Day sheers provide medium coverage that will show your legs and hide minor blemishes

OPAQUES & TIGHTS: Will completely cover your legs.